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    By Raphael Woz


    Offerwise is a full-service research and sampling firm specializing in the U.S. Hispanic market. Since June, the company has been quietly building its panel in Spanish-speaking Latin America, and, since August, its Portuguese language panel in Brazil. Ahead of today’s official launch, the Offerwise panels in Latin America are already growing at a rate of 5,000 panelists per day, in part through the creative use of television advertising. Relying on an exclusive, in-house proprietary recruitment model, includes nearly 300,000 U.S. Hispanic panelists from all acculturation levels, the largest and most representative U.S. Hispanic panel in the industry. The site collects traditionally hard-to-capture profiling data such as education level, media habits, regular grocery purchases, automobile type, household demographics, other buying habits and more. “In the wake of our success in the U.S. Hispanic market, branching out to Latin America was a logical next step for us,” said Andrew Lissak, President and CEO of Offerwise. “With just a brief period of ramp-up, we are quickly becoming home to the fastest growing panels in Latin America. We look forward to providing researchers with access to panelists in this traditionally hard-to-reach region of the world. “Using TV advertising to recruit panelists is simply unprecedented in Latin America,” Lissak said. “With TV, we can reach an audience from across an entire country in 30 seconds. And through our advertising, we’re showcasing the benefits of participating in consumer research. Many in the region have never participated in market research — or even known about it.” Adding television spots to the recruitment effort has enabled Offerwise to build the panel quickly and at costs never before seen in the industry, Lissak noted. Advertising-driven recruitment has added panelists at a much higher rate than any other sample provider in the region has ever achieved, and at a lower price point, he said. “We’re taking what we learned from our enormously successful U.S. launch and emulating that in Latin America,” Lissak said. “We’re recruiting panelists from all socio-economic classes and making real inroads in countries that have been historically hard to reach for the market research industry. We are able to do all of this while offering very competitive pricing for clients in Latin America.”