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We offer one of the largest panels in Latin America


As Internet penetration continues to boom throughout Latin America, Offerwise has positioned itself as an early leader of online panel providers. With early experience with online panel in Latam, we instill confidence and provide a sense of security to our clients that are transitioning to the online methodology in the region. Offerwise delivers a comprehensive online panel access solution throughout Latin America.

With the ability to reach high volumes of opinions from nearly every country throughout the region, Offerwise has one of the region’s largest online access panels in the industry. Our unique panel recruitment model enables us to reach panelists from all countries large and small as well as allowing us to empanel the typically harder to reach audiences such as the lower socioeconomic segments.



Currently, we offer one of the largest panels in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia along with fast growing panels in Chile, Peru, and Argentina. Further, we are one of only a handful of panel providers to deliver sample from the smaller yet thriving countries in the region, such as Panama, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. Offerwise serves as a one-stop shop for all of our client’s Latin American sample needs.

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