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Offerwise is the only panel provider to offer the research industry a comprehensive and well-rounded US Hispanic panel.  Historically, other panel providers have only been able to deliver the “English-dominant” segment of the Hispanic population.  Unfortunately, this limitation robs researchers and end-clients alike from learning the attitudes and behaviors of US Hispanics as a whole.  Today, these limitations no longer exist in the research industry because our US Hispanic panel of over 350,000 members boasts representation from every segment of the Hispanic community, in particular, the ever-elusive “Spanish-dominant” audience.

In addition to delivering a well-rounded and representative US Hispanic sample to our clients, we also offer expertise to our clients based on valuable information collected over the years on scores of data points.  This data ranges from measuring acculturation of each of our panelists, to health and ailment insight, to consumer shopping behaviors among the Hispanic population.  With 5 years of managing the most robust US Hispanic panel in the industry, our current and future clients have the ability to leverage experience unavailable elsewhere.  As we continue to grow our panel at an aggressive rate, we will continue to provide the industry with a superior product that will enhance each of our client’s research objectives.


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